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2.SFJ Awards Professional Certificate in Fraud Prevention (102)

This practical course enables learners to understand and assess the risk of fraud facing their organisation, and develop, implement and communicate prevention strategies, including the effective fraud prevention campaigns and the harnessing of technology.  


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4. Cifas Tackling the Insider Threat Programme (204)

The insider threat is an ever growing menace, and preventing and detecting internal fraud is critical to business success - and survival. Gain the knowledge and expertise to protect your organisation and its employees, and the skills to detect the threats across a range of risk areas.


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5. Cifas Cyber Fraud: Prevention and Response Programme (201)

Cyber enabled and cyber dependant fraud are two of the biggest fraud threats facing organisations. Essential for those with responsibility for assessing the cyber risk, responding to the risk or undertaking investigations into cyber fraud cases, this course will cover all of the main risks experienced by digital users and organisations and how to respond to them, as well as highlighting the developing and ever-changing trends and threats involving cyber fraud and security increasingly faced by all sectors. 


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6. Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme (202)

Fraud investigations require proficient and skilled oversight by managers and supervisors to succeed. Learning how to create effective investigative strategies, make informed decisions and apply best practice, learners are equipped to excel in their management role and maximise their career trajectories. 


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7. Fraud Risk Management Course (301)

Identify, measure and manage fraud risk to effectively protect your organisation. Understand the nature of fraud risk and the terminology used, plan and implement effective procedures, and learn how to act on fraud risks when they start to occur.


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8.Procurement Fraud: Risk, Control and Response Course (305)

From kick backs and 'quid pro quos' to fictitious suppliers, procurement fraud is a threat to stakeholder trust, company reputation and organisational finances - so prevention and detection is crucial before it takes hold. Take a strategic approach to countering procurement fraud: understanding and identifying the risks and indicators, and the controls to mitigate them.


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9. Developing a Counter Fraud Strategy Course (304)

A strategic approach to fraud prevention - one that is embedded throughout your organisation - is key to protecting your organisation, your staff and your customers. But it can be daunting to know where to start and what to include. Gain the essential understanding, knowledge and skills to develop and implement an effective and comprehensive counter fraud strategy.


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91. Identity Document Fraud Course (306)

Understand how identity fraud works and how it is committed in this extremely popular and highly practical course. Learn to recognise the security features in commonly used documents and use forgery detection equipment to uncover fraud.


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92. Digital Document Fraud Course (307)

Digital documents are a central component of identity verification – which means it is vital that you can spot signs of tampering and fraud and truly Know Your Customer – while protecting your existing customers. 


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93. Investigating Money Laundering Course (309)

Money laundering is a global threat, and the development of cybercrime and virtual currencies has only increased the capabilities of the criminals who run these illegal operations. This course will provide you with background and insight into the world of money laundering that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively manage investigations, from identification and assessment to prosecution and conviction.


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94.Disclosure: Understanding the Criminal Procedures Investigations Act 1996 (308)

The criminal procedue and investigations act 1996 (CPIA), number of high profile investigations have failed due to the poor complience and undertsanding of how to disclose information as detailed in the CPIA.  this course is essential for all investigators or those involved in investigations.


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95. Internet and Open Source Investigations Course (302)


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96. Advanced Internet and Open Source Investigations Course (303)

Develop more complex technical skills for your Internet investigations, and learn how to apply them both theoretically and practically. Become skilled in the tools and processes used to explore, identify, retrieve and analyse the vast amount of information available on the Internet.


97. Digital Document Fraud Online Training

Take our Digital Document Fraud course at your own pace, wherever you are work at your own pace, to your own timescale, through this learner-led online course. You’ll learn how to uncover signs of fraud and tampering in digital documents such as emails and pdfs, and understand metadata. You’ll investigate and analyse a practical case and produce a professional report. You will then be tested on your theoretical knowledge and complete a practical assessment. You’ll receive individual feedback from the experts, so you can be confident that you’ve gained the skills and expertise you need.



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