6th Floor Lynton House – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before confirming your booking.

Opening Hours

The facilities will be available from 09.00 hours to 17.00 hours.

Booking sessions are:

09.00 – 13.00 hours - Half Day

13.00 – 17.00 hours - Half Day

09.00 – 17.00 hours - Full Day

Booking Conditions

The Company (or individual if the booking is not on behalf of a Company) in whose name the booking is made, unless otherwise stated, will be considered the Client and by confirming the booking with Cifas agrees to the terms and conditions described here.

Please email your completed Meeting Room Booking Form to meeting.rooms@Cifas.org.uk.

Written confirmation using the Booking Form will be taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Cifas reserves the right to vary its charges without notice. Any charges relating to confirmed bookings which has been given in writing will be adhered to.

Provisional Bookings

Provisional bookings will be entered into the Meeting Room Calendar(s) and are only valid for 5 working days, following which customers are required to confirm or withdraw a booking. While every effort will be made to confirm any provisional booking prior to renting the facilities to another customer, Cifas reserves the right to accept a confirmed booking with another customer where a room has been booked provisionally.

All the Client’s requirements should be detailed on the booking form at the time of booking. The Client shall notify Cifas of any requirements detailed on the booking form in writing not less than three days (Monday to Friday) before the function.

Confirmation of Booking

On confirmation of the booking, the Client will receive an email confirmation detailing his/her requirements. The Cancellation Policy will then apply.

For bookings within three months, written confirmation is required within seven working days. For bookings for dates within seven days, confirmation is required within 24 hours. Final numbers and any specific requirements must be confirmed with Cifas at least two days prior to the booking date.

Lunch Orders

Lunch can be ordered for your event. We offer both a sandwich lunch or sandwich/finger buffet. This will need to be ordered one week in advance. Please note that no changes can be made to delegate numbers 10 days before your event.


In the event that the Client cancels a confirmed booking, the following charges will be applied:

Two months prior to booking date - No fee charged

One month prior to booking date - 25% of full fee charged

14 days prior to booking date - 50% of full fee charged

7 days prior to booking date - Full amount charged

Notification of cancellations should be made in writing and will be effective on the date received by Cifas.

Cifas reserves the right to cancel the booking if the holding of the function is prevented by reason of circumstances beyond its control.

Early Admission to Rooms

At the discretion of the Business Services Team early admission to a room may be available for the Client (this must be pre-arranged).

Late Vacating of Rooms

In the event of the Client, their delegates or contractor failing to vacate the room at the end of the hire period, including failure to remove any items brought in for the event (except by prior arrangement) additional charges for room hire will be levied.

Deposits and Payments

Cifas, reserves the right to charge the Client full payment for a booking in advance, or claim a 25% deposit prior to the hire of meetings rooms. In this event, all such payment and deposit information shall be specified on the booking form.

The balance will be invoiced after the function. Payment for all invoices is required within 30 days of the invoice date.


If there is a requirement for photocopying from the Client a charge will be incurred. Charges will be:

10 p a copy - Black and White

15 p a copy - Colour

Binding - Available on request

Health and Safety

The Client is responsible for the Health and Safety of their staff and delegates throughout the duration of the hire period, and will be expected to comply with all relevant legislation.

Information regarding emergency procedures, housekeeping and First Aid arrangements is available from the Business Services Team.
The capacities of each room are given on hire and may not be exceeded for safety reasons.
Cifas reserves the right to alter proposed room layouts in order to comply with fire regulations and to refuse admission to rooms if over-crowding is liable to occur.
Delegate lists are required to be sent to Cifas at least two working days in advance.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

For all events, information relating to attendance by person(s)s with a disability or limited mobility should be obtained from the Client whenever possible in advance of the meeting.
On arrival, the Client must discuss with the Business Services Team arrangements that they have put in place to assist their delegate(s) to evacuate the premises including: Results of a discussion with the delegate(s) to agree their Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in advance of the meeting and Allocation of a buddy to assist with evacuation if required.
In the event of the Client being unaware of a delegate’s disability or limited mobility until their arrival, a discussion will need to take place to agree their PEEP, and communicated to the Business Services Team.
Emergency Evacuation procedures for delegates are available within each meeting room.

Insurance and Liability

Cifas shall not be responsible for any loss of damage to property bought to the premises by the Client, such property, and any insurance of it, remains the responsibility of the Client throughout.
In the event of any damage to the premises (or any of the furniture and equipment therein whether by the Client or their delegates), the expense of making good will be the responsibility of the Client.

Smoking Policy

Cifas operates a no smoking policy in all its rooms and complies with current Government Legislation.


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