Members Only - Advanced National Fraud Database - CL33

This course is for National Fraud Database users looking for a more in-depth understanding of the database. With the tactics of financial criminals continuing to evolve, it’s beneficial to keep up to date with recent developments in fraud prevention, and more complex case types.


Members Only - Internal Fraud Database - CL31

Gain an understanding of Cifas’ Internal Fraud Database and its filing procedures. The course trains you in assessing if a case meets the Internal Fraud Database filing criteria, and how to prepare for and work with Cifas on our regular compliance reviews.


Members Only - Introduction to Cifas and the National Fraud Database - CL32

This course covers all you need to know about Cifas and our National Fraud Database. You’ll get an understanding of how Cifas works, how members comply with the Rules of Usage, the criteria for filing fraud data, how to handle consumer complaints relating to Cifas, and how to use and understand the National Fraud Database.



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